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The Floorlayers Training Center is dedicated to the advancement of men and women tradespersons of all ages in the floorcovering industry.

Floorcovering Installer Apprenticeship

The Floorcovering Installer Apprenticeship will train you to install, repair and replace resilient floorcovering materials such as underlayment, carpet, sheet goods, luxury vinyl tile and hardwood in commercial, residential and industrial buildings. In B.C. the Floorcovering Installer Apprenticeship is three years with five weeks technical training per level.

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As A Floorcovering Apprentice You Will:

  • Gain on the job experience
  • Be enrolled in a three-year apprenticeship
  • Be eligible for government grants
  • Attend five weeks of technical training each year
  • Work on projects in residential, commercial and industrial settings
  • Learn to install all types of carpet resilient and hardwood flooring
  • Obtain a Red Seal Certification
  • Advance your career in the floorcovering industry, separating yourself from others in the industry

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Apprenticeship coupled with upgrading is the best option for developing qualified installers. Hiring an apprentice is a smart business decision in more ways than one. One-third of Canada’s workforce will retire in 2030. This means competition will get tough for employers looking to attract and retain qualified workers.

Our Instructors

Our instructors at the Floorlayers Training Center are Red Seal certified as floorcovering installers, and have completed the Floorcovering Installer Apprenticeship program.

The Top 6 Benefits Of Apprenticeship


Employers receive an ROI of $1.47 for every dollar they invest in apprenticeship training.


Apprenticeship is a tried-and-true method of recruiting and maintaining talent.


Apprentices become journeypersons with better health and safety performance, greater overall productivity, and fewer mistakes.

Specialized Skills

Apprentices learn your business first. That means they learn the way you do things and the unique, specialized skills that best serve your business.

Higher Sales & Profits

Employers with apprentices enjoy higher sales and profits.


A journeyperson who has completed their apprenticeship through the Floorlayers Training Center will be a highly skilled and productive employee, be a better fit, and will be able to build good relationships with your customers.